Cairns is a tropical area in northern Queensland. This feature makes it unique in its social life. That’s why these are some of their best nocturnal options. Places that will meet your expectations and leave you in love with this city.

Pier Bar

There’s nothing like starting the night at the legendary Pier Bar. Its terrace has an amazing view of the sea that you can’t helpbut appreciate while having a drink.

The live music offered by the bar will be the perfect soundtrack.

The Jack

If, on the other hand, you would like to start the night in the jungle with a sporting event, The Jack is the perfect place for you. With its super-projection screens and three bars, it will be impossible to miss a perfect game.

Night Life in Cairns More than Jungle 1 - Night Life in Cairns - More than Jungle

At The Jack, you can also enjoy DJs and stand-up comedy performances. Also, if that’s not enough, to accompany all these distractions, you can enjoy a menu full of variety.

The Courtyard

If you want something classic, The Courtyard is a good place. With an American touch and a wide variety of tables with colourful umbrellas, you can enjoy board games. It has all kinds of craft beers and exotic cocktails. The menu is quite different and features chicken wings, burgers, and tacos.

Rattle n’ Hum

Rattle n’ Hum is another place with an American atmosphere outside. Its delicious wood-fired pizzas are perfect to go with its cold beers. It has a touch of the best Australian pub-style inside.

The Ultimate Party Bus

This is also a quite entertaining option for those who do not want something traditional. Open Wednesdays and Saturdays, it is a two-story bar of pure fun. You will get VIP treatment, games, and some free drinks. Without a doubt, you will have a fun night here that will leave you with wild memories.

P.J. O’Brien’s

Here you will find wood decorations and mahogany furniture. Karaoke, contests, and dance competitions, this place won’t bore you for a second. Fridays and Saturdays promise good fun. On Sunday, you can enjoy a nice barbecue to end the weekend.

Salt House

A glamorous and stylish club, it offers relaxed nights. On their sofa-beds, you can enjoy a good wine while contemplating the wonderful mountains or the ocean. With a unique menu and live DJs, you’ll want to visit more than once a week.

Cotton Club

This is another stylish bar to enjoy the glamorous side of Cairns. It offers a varied menu of exotic cocktails and the perfect food to accompany them. Their Hendricks iced tea is the most popular drink in the bar. You can’t go without tasting it.

As you may have read, Cairns offers a very varied nightlife. From casual sports bars to glamour, you’ll never be bored here. It’s another great example of how excellent Queensland is and the variety that meets the expectations of even the most demanding tastes.

If you have the opportunity to visit this area, be sure to go to any of these places. You will certainly want to come back more than once.

Night Life in Cairns – More than Jungle